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Ottawa’s Most Popular Martial Arts Centers with 7 Locations

Whether your goal is getting in your best shape ever, losing weight, feeling fitter, healthier or more confident, there is a program for you at Douvris Martial Arts. Our goal is for you to become the best that you can be, and since 1984 we are proud to have helped thousands of our members throughout Ottawa and the Outaouais to excel. Famous for our fun and friendly environment, most of our instructors are former Douvris Martial Arts students and despite having achieved World Championship status themselves they are sensitive to the fact that everyone learns at their own pace with their own objectives. You or your child will be part of a program with others of your own ability and age.

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Here is what one Ottawa parent had to say about Douvris Martial Arts:

"Without Douvris my kids wouldn't be where they are right now.  Confident, successful, trustworthy, physical fit, hard working with non-quitting attitude, mentally ready to overcome life challenges. They would miss great friendships born at the dojo, friendships born at karate tournaments all over the world lasting long time. They would miss some great role models in their life as well."



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There is no better way to get in shape than Douvris Martial Arts. For adult karate, kids karate or cardio kickboxing. To reserve your space call 613 234 5000