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Karate: For Those Seeking Ottawa's Finest Martial Arts Instruction  

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Top 10 Benefits of Learning Karate

  1. Our reward system improves self esteem.
  2. Our program structure teaches discipline.
  3. Our activities channel aggression.
  4. Our confidence classes enhance assertiveness.
  5. Our program teaches life time self-defense skills.
  6. Our workouts are a great way to get in shape.
  7. Our classes relieve stress.
  8. Our Success For Life lessons teach children valuable life skills.
  9. Our leadership classes develop children's ability to make good choices.
  10. Our program is a lot of fun.

Karate Tykes

karate 4 - 6 yearsThe Karate Tykes program is designed for children 4 to 6 years of age. This program focuses on developing self-control, respect for others, and a positive attitude, while teaching the basic techniques of the martial arts. Self-defense training is an important part of this class with a focus on general child safety skills.

Karate Kids

karate 7 -12 yearsBeginner Karate Program for children ages 7-12. This program is geared toward providing a fun martial arts curriculum for beginners, while instilling the positive benefits of the martial arts traditions: respect for others, self-confidence, perseverance, honesty, integrity, and self-control. As well, it helps increase fitness levels, balance and co-ordination, concentration, and self-discipline. This program emphasizes goal setting and positive reinforcement of personal success, while teaching how to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations. Tons of fun!


Youth Karate

karate 13 17 yearsThis beginner Karate Program is for teens ages 13-17. This program is designed to be a complete approach to training in the martial arts. The main focus of the training in this class is on the exciting kicking and punching skills, as well as self-defense techniques, and the introduction to sparring. Teens that enter this class learn focus and respect while building self-confidence and developing a positive mental attitude. It is a great self-esteem builder.


 Adult Karate

adult karateAn Adult Karate program for men and women 18 years and older. Whether your goal is to Improve your fitness level, learn self defense, feel more confident and empowered, this is a fun, friendly introduction to martial arts amongst like minded people. The program includes how to execute stances, punches, blocks and kicking techniques. Individuals also learn how to perform kata (pre-arranged forms of set movements and techniques), how to break fall, and sparring techniques which combine modern kicking/sparring techniques with the traditional Chito Ryu systems and emphasizes self-defense movements. All Adult Karate programs include access to the Total Fitness Kickboxing program at your discretion, as part of your training regimen!  

 adult karate

In order to ensure you receive the best possible training, all of our classes are organised by age and by ability, so you won't see kids training with adults or black belts training alongside white belts, just small groups of your own age and ability.

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